Frequently Asked Questions

I am a vegetarian. Will I get a customized meal plan?

Yes, you will get a fully customized meal plan. The meal plans that we create at Azra Khan Fitness are built keeping in my your food preferences, lifestyle, health parameters, and availability of resources near you.  

What are the modes of payment?

You can pay using a debit card, credit card, UPI, net banking, any other online mode of payment. 

How much time it will take to schedule my consultation call?

Your call will be scheduled within 2-3 days post-enrollment in the program. The contact details are NOT exchanged at inquiry levels

Whom can I contact for any query during the program?

Nutritionist Azra Khan will be dealing with you personally on a day-to-day basis. You’ll be allotted a specific time when you can reach out to her over Whatsapp.

Do you offer any goodies in the Weight loss Program?

Yes. You can get free Meal Plans and Guidance from our YouTube channel “Azra Khan Fitness” 

Do you guarantee a timeline for weight loss?

We don’t guarantee any specific number of months for your wellness and weight loss before you begin your fitness journey. Every human being will lose fat at a different speed depending upon their physiological factors – age, metabolism, bone density, and genetics to name a few.

How will I maintain my weight after the program is over?

The program that we offer is designed keeping in mind the long-term vision. During this time, you will get to learn everything about nutrition, food, and diet from Azra. You will be able to implement these eating habits throughout your life based on your lifestyle, routine, and food preferences.

What will happen if I get stuck in an emergency and couldn’t follow the program for some days?

If any unavoidable emergency occurs, then you are allowed to freeze your program for up to 20 days in case you have joined 8+ months weight loss program.

Is this program suitable for people living outside India?

Yes, our weight loss programs are perfectly suitable for everyone around the globe. The meal plans are crafted based on your food preferences, lifestyle, job requirements, climatic conditions, resource availability, health parameters while being a culture fit. 

Will my stretch marks and dark spots also get cleared during the weight loss journey?

Our weight loss programs and meal plans are designed keeping in mind your long-term fitness and overall well-being. We do not claim any spot reduction possibility.