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Water fasting is a type of fasting in which you abstain from all foods and beverages except water for a set period of time, usually 1-3 days.


Some people, though, do it for even longer. I’m not sure I could accomplish it because I have an unhealthy obsession with eating. In any case, water fasting has risks, and you should talk to your doctor before undertaking it, especially if you want to go longer than three days.


Is Fasting on Water Right For You?

Water fasting may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who suffer from eating disorders, are underweight, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are on medication, or have heart problems.

Before beginning a water fast, see your doctor if you fall into any of these categories or have any additional medical concerns. Even if you’re in generally good health, it’s still a good idea to consult a doctor beforehand.

How Do I Get Ready For A 24-Hour Fast

If you’ve never fasted for 24 hours or more, you’ll probably find it difficult to undertake a 24-hour water fast right away, which is why it’s a good idea to ease into it.

Getting accustomed with shorter fasts like leangains and 18/6 intermittent fasting can help you prepare for a 24-hour water fast.

How to Do A Water Fast For 24 Hours

It’s time to give water fasting a try for 24 hours. To do a water fast, you’ll choose a time frame that works best for you and consume only water throughout that time.

Here are a few pointers to help you succeed:

  • Choose a day when you will be able to relax, such as a day off from work.
  • If you don’t feel well or are exhausted, don’t fast.
  • Make sure you get enough rest.
  • Before you begin your fast, have a healthy meal.
  • During your fasting time, avoid doing any hard exercise. كيف تلعب بوكر

Breaking Your Fast: What To Do After A 24-Hour Water Fast

  • When you come off your fast, you can’t just go back to eating normally. If you go about this the wrong way, you might disrupt your digestive system, and we don’t want that, do we?
  • To ease the load on your digestive system, eat a small meal.
  • At least 30 times, chew each bite of food.
  • Cooked food is more easily digestible than raw food. بيت فاينل
  • Don’t experiment with new foods. This could result in intestinal problems.

Water fasting has a number of advantages

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Boost Insulin Sensitivity

If you’re looking for more suggestions, here are a few more ways to improve insulin sensitivity.

  • Exercise more.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Eat more soluble fiber like avocados, carrots and oats.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Reduce added sugars.


Autophagy is the process of breaking down and recycling old cells. This amazing procedure could aid in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer’s illness, and other wonderful things.

Water fasting risks


The last thing you expect to see is dehydration, yet it’s true! Fasting on water may raise your chances of being dehydrated.

Food provides a big portion of your water intake, which you will be losing out on during your fast.

Weight Loss May Only Be Temporary

Unfortunately, not eating for a few days will help you lose weight, but it may be from water and muscle, so it won’t be lasting.

Consider intermittent fasting if you want to use fasting to lose weight and keep it off. You simply need to fast for 12-16 hours, 2-3 times every week. If you want to be healthy and need a good and healthy diet plan you can check our weight loss online program.

If you stop eating a few hours before night and sleep for eight hours, you’ll have finished most, if not all, of your fast by the time you get up the next day.

Harsh Physical Side Effects

It’s common for water fasters to have a sharp drop in blood pressure (hypotension)

Side effects such as lightheadedness or dizziness may occur as a result of the abrupt reduction in blood pressure. If water fasting makes you feel like this, you should probably avoid it in the future.

How much weight will a 48-hour water fast help you lose?

According to one study, fasting can help you lose up to 2 pounds every day. According to this study, a 48-hour water fast can result in weight loss of up to 4 pounds.

However, as I previously stated, much of your weight loss may be due to water and muscle loss, which means it is unlikely to be lasting.

What I Think About Water Fasting

Water fasting has several advantages, but you don’t have to fast for a long time to reap those advantages. Short-term intermittent fasting can help you improve your health in a variety of ways, and we have a lot of information on the subject.

I’ve practised intermittent fasting for a long time and am a firm believer in it.

For the time being, that’s all I have. Please share this article with your friends and family if you enjoyed it. مواقع تربح منها المال