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India’s Best Nutritionist Azra Khan

Eat wise, Drop a size.

Best Nutritionist in India, helping people around the globe. Get a sustainable healthy lifestyle through holistic Weight Loss Programs and Personalized Diet Plans.

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An overweight under-confident overeater with binge eating habits and a poor lifestyle – this accurately sums up my teenage years and early twenties. But everybody has a moment that transforms their life substantially. I had that epiphanic moment in January 2015 and Today, I’ve not only lost weight in a healthy way but also became a certified Nutritionist from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) & (ACE) and successfully transformed the lives of over 12,000 people from all around the globe in the last 7 years.

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High protein Vegetarian Diet | Azra Khan Fitness | Best Nutritionist in India

High Protein Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss Protein is an essential component of our everyday diet. They give the growth factors that our muscles, cells, and other important tissues require


Our happy customers

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So I actually spoke to you on 4th Dec and started the program from 7th Dec (will never forget the date because this was one of the biggest things in my life)… started at 84. Was a huge shocker because I weighed myself that day after many many months or maybe years. I was doing some keto, some intermittent fasting and thought that the weight must have gone down. And then I got the shocker of it going up to 84.
Smita Basu
Last year, I was of 81 kgs, and I started having problems regarding periods. My doctor asked me to loose weight as soon as possible as I developed PCOS. I became too much tensed, and usually I was a foodie.. Suddenly one day ,I found you, Mam.. and that day was probably one of the best day of my life… All your diet charts and exercise schedule were amazing and I started to see the results from the very first day only.. You are an angel mam.. Without you, I never ever thought to achieve my goal.. The journey with you was amazing.. I lost probably 5 kgs in the first month only.. I m soo soo sooo much happy now.. ❤️.. You are a true inspiration for us..
It was only a dream to reduce weight and look slim till I met you 😇. You made my dream come true. I was 64kg when I joined your program. You made me believe in myself and the journey begin. Your diet never kept my empty stomach. Was full always of healthy options. And the day I started getting results. My confidence level increased and the amazing thing is after 4 weeks I touched 55kg…That day was the happiest day in my life ❤️ . After quitting with you…I am still following your tips and tricks from youtube and managed to reduce more. Presently running on 52-53 kgs and maintaining well with healthy food and daily workouts.

Eat wise,Drop a size.