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Want to Know How Azra Khan Weight Loss Program Work?

Step 1 : Video consultation with nutritionist Azra khan for health assessment and Goal setting

Within 48 hrs of enrolment

Step 2 : BMR / macro / calorie counting and meal plan making and complete blood profile analysis

Step 3 : Emailing the meal plan every Friday

Step 4 : Daily WhatsApp support till the program is over

Step 5 : Daily meal tracking and weekly progress updates

Step 6 : Follow up call every 4 weeks for progress analysis

Step 7 : Closure call with client post their successful transformation + maintenance guidelines

The best nutrition services

Create a healthy life you love!

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Upto 30 min video consultation with Nutritionist Azra Khan.
₹1500/- only
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Our 15 days gut plan is designed to address various
gut-related issues such as heartburn,
acidity, leaky gut, constipation, stubborn
weight, and a resistant metabolism.

  • Customised weekly meal plans.
  • Whatsapp support with qualified nutritionist.
  • Exclusive recipes.

₹999/- only
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