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An overweight under-confident overeater with binge eating habits and a poor lifestyle – this accurately sums up my teenage years and early twenties but everybody has a moment that transforms their life substantially. I had that epiphanic moment in January 2015 and Today, I’ve not only lost weight in a healthy way but also become a certified Nutritionist from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) & (ACE) and successfully transformed the lives of over 12000 people from all around the globe.

My approach to a sustainable healthy lifestyle

From being an overweight kid to being a nutrition expert guiding & training other people, I have closely experienced all the highs & lows of enduring weight loss and wellbeing. So, whether you are a working professional, a homemaker, a mother/father of two, or a middle-aged person, when working on your fitness journey, my focus is to solve the root issue of your health so that you have a lasting impact as opposed to working on just the superficial short-term issues. I highly believe that each one of us is bestowed with a unique body that is designed to function differently. Hence, all the health programs are designed to suit your individual needs so that you can fulfill all requirements that suit your body & lifestyle.

Bringing People Closer to Nutrition & Wellbeing

Through my youtube channel “Azra Khan Fitness”, I spread awareness about the importance of nutrition & a healthy diet. I share all my knowledge about a holistic approach towards wellness and a healthy lifestyle with all those people who don’t have access to proper knowledge or think fitness is expensive & all about crash dieting.
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